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First thing first: ‘interview’ as referred often in lexicon of UPSC aspirants is not an interview per se. UPSC does not say so and does not say so for a profound reason. It is a personality test and as the name itself suggests, it is to judge your personality. Personality test is the last stage in the epic effort journey and unlike the other two phases of exam (Preliminary and Main) which have a strong dose of traditional preparation efforts including books, internet, magazines, newspapers, etc. that can be mastered in a shorter span of time; preparation for interview starts way before, even before you thought to prepare for the exam itself.

Your personality is not the result of number of hours of solitary, confined study that you might have devoted towards your goal in last 2 or 3 years, it is a result of your efforts in the whole journey called, Life. It is often said and said for a valid reason that Personality Test (PT) is not supposed to judge your knowledge per se, rather how your knowledge has shaped your life, your thoughts, your behavior and your character. 



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